Professional Orientation

Professional Orientation

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Professional Orientation

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Product Model: İxtisas İstiqaməti Hesabatı

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Detailed Information

Age range: 11-18
Before deciding on your future

Some of the topics you will learn from the Career Preference Report;

  • 4 years and above programs
  • 2-year programs
  • Risks in Exam Processes
  • Solution offers

Swot Analysis

  • En Güçlü Yönleriniz
  • Güçlendirilmesi Gerekenler
  • Potansiyel riskleriniz
  • Eğitim ve Arkadaşlık Tarzınız


  • Your Learning Style
    Your Learning Environment
    Your Communication Style in Education
    Development Advice

Your Identity Card

    Motivating and
    Distorting Factors
    Your Dominant Personality Type
    How Parents Approach

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